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Custom Made Lightroom Mobile Presets

Take your ordinary phone photos and turn them into images that you are in love with, that tell a story, & create beautiful memories. Your phone is with you constantly and if you are like me, you are constantly taking photos with it. Presets are pre-made edits that are saved for you to click a button & see your photos transformed by changing the actual data of your photo, enhancing every aspect & bringing your photo to life!! Presets are completely different than the filters you can use on Instagram. Filters lay on top of your photos and take away the quality. Presets are designed to be used in the free Lightroom mobile app that you can get on any phone. Simply download the app, purchase the presets, follow the instructions included in the purchase, & be on your way to creating beautiful images in the palm of your hand!

abilene presets

CP Sage

CP Sage is mostly used for outdoor photos that are darker. I love this one click edit because if you are outside with tons of shadows this will brighten & warm your photo in an instant.

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CP Ivy

CP Ivy is typically used for the indoor photos that have great natural light. Very similar to the CP Olive preset. This preset helps enhance the settings and bring the photo to life.

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CP Olive

CP Olive is perfect for those outdoor photos that have great natural light. Not too dark and not too bright. This warms, changes the greenery, and enhances the photo!


CP Ash

CP Ash helps to bring those dark indoor photos to a bright & warm photo. To get the best out of this preset, turn off all artificial light and try using natural light.


How do I install them?

Upon purchase of the mobile preset, you'll receive instructions with a link to download. Super simple + everything can be done on your smartphone! Be sure to download within 48 hours of purchase, as it will expire within that time frame.

Do I need a Lightroom subscription to use them?

No! Download the free Lightroom app on your phone + make sure you sign up for a free Lightroom account and you will be able to save these presets right away!

Are they different from desktop presets?

Yes! While the concept is similar, these presets have been created specifically for the phone and jpeg files so the settings are much different than for a desktop preset. These are only for a smartphone & not compatible with the desktop version of Lightroom.

Do you offer a refund?

No! Because this is a digital download, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.


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These presets are created specially for the free Lightroom Mobile app only. They are not to be used with the desktop version of Lightroom. These presets are copyright protected and are intended to be used for a single user only. Any illegal distribution or re-sale of the presets is strictly prohibited. These presets are for personal mobile use only, not for photographers. It is prohibited to use these presets with a dslr image. Legal action will take place if any of these illegal actions happen.

If you need any assistance with downloading or installing your presets, please send us an email at copperandpearl@gmail.com!

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The purpose of these presets is to work together to create a consistent look for your photos. They have been created to be one-touch edits, each for different lighting scenarios and colors. Depending on the photo some things that I might change in Lightroom are: exposure, shadows, temp, and tint. If your photo is too orange then under "mix" change the hue & saturation of the orange color. Follow us on Instagram to see more photography & editing tips! @copperandpearl