What a love story & the start of a journey you are creating together. I desire deep within my heart to make your wedding everything you've been dreaming it would be. I want to help you treasure this season of life that will be remembered for many generations to come. 

Hi, I am Kelsey.

I am a wife, a mother to 3, and a full time business owner. I have always had a passion for photography but didn't start to developing my creative side until I picked up a professional camera in 2014. I've always been a Type A personality - go getter, a lover of checking off the to-do list, organized, and bold. I tell you these things because as a wedding photographer, you not only need to be creative but a person that will make your day run smoothly, have a plan, & be able to overcome anything.


Before The Wedding

I'd love to meet you face to face! I so desire to know you & your story! We will meet & talk a few times before your wedding. We go over the wedding timeline together. This is the most important thing to me! If you have a wedding coordinator they are in charge of everything but the schedule of photos. That is what we do together! We do so much planning before hand that all my brides are so thankful to feel confident walking into their wedding day!

Engagement Session

Every package comes with an engagement session!! Yes, even if you've had a friend offer to take them for free. I'll explain why. This is our first time to really spend together & build trust with one another. You get to know me & I get to know ya'll as a couple. How you interact together, how you are in front of the camera, & how I am behind the camera. We will have so much fun capturing memories in this sweet season of life.

During The Big Day

It's finally here! I know exactly what you are expecting and what all your heart desires because of the time invested together! This day we celebrate your marriage with no worry because all the time we spent planning together! Ya'll get to begin your forever & I am so thankful to have been a small part of it! Cannot wait to capture memories that you will look back on forever.

After It's Finished

Within the first week you will have a preview of your photos! This could look like a blog post, social media post, or delivered straight to your email. After a wedding I'm SO excited to dive into the photos. At a typical wedding we take thousands of photos so I go through each photo and decide which ones are the best ones - this takes a lot of time. I tell my brides for every hour I'm at your wedding you can quadruple it to figure out how much time just the editing process takes!

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What are your packages?

Fill out the contact form and lets grab some coffee if you live in Abilene! If not we will jump on the phone & go over the packages and details! Packages can include engagement session, bridal session, photo & or video for wedding day. Wedding packages depend on amount of hours, how many photographers & or videographers.

How many photos do we get?

This depends on your wedding package - how many photographers are there + how many hours we are there! This is typically anywhere from 500 - 1,500 professionally edited photos. I do deliver all color & the same photos in black & white as well.

Are the digital photos included?

Yes! Your photos are delivered on our online platform. You are able to share with friends & family with a custom link. You can download individual photos to your phone & the entire gallery to a computer!

How long will it take to get the photos?

Depends on your package! How many photographers + the amount of hours. Within three months is the latest!

What is your price range for photo & video?

Our wedding packages are in the $2-$4k range! Depending if you want photo, video, or both!

Why should I hire a professional for my wedding?

It's true but you get what you pay for when it comes to photography & video. You might know a friend that takes good photos BUT that doesn't mean they can capture all the important moments of your day perfectly. Before I even shot my first wedding I shadowed under a professional award winning wedding photographer for months. I put so much time into a wedding that it goes way beyond just having a nice camera.

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Please make sure you view these wedding related galleries!! Before you book ANY photographer, I recommend you ask for full galleries. You need to see their work in every aspect of a wedding day. It's not all about the photos that people highlight on social media!



“Kelsey was absolutely fabulous to work with! I knew from our first phone call that I had to work with her. Her attention to detail & planning helped make every step of our day seamless & perfect. She has such an incredible eye & her photos capture so much life. Our day would not have been as perfect without her. From keeping us on schedule and guiding us through photos. I mean just look at the pictures they take - I am just in awe of how beautiful they all are! Andrew and I will forever love these photos!”

Thank you for taking the time to consider us to capture one of the most important days thus far in your life! These photos you will pass down for many generations & we desire to create timeless memories that you will cherish forever. My wedding photos are hung throughout my home almost 10 years after my wedding & now my children get to see mommy as a bride!

Fill out this contact form & I will be in touch with you soon! I cannot wait to connect with you!