west texas


My neighbors are legit! When Tara messaged me about doing some family photos, she had the idea to do them in our neighborhood. It was the perfect cold fall day, the only one we've had this season! But, I'm pretty sure we nailed it. Plus little Wyatt is the cutest little boy around & I think he could make it as a model with that big ol' smile. Such a sweet family & I'm thankful to live so close to them!

Young Family-4.jpg
Young Family-31.jpg


I have watched these boys grow up and it's crazy that the oldest is heading into High School this year. I just can't even believe it. Living with them over 5 years ago changed my life. As you can see they have the most hospitable hearts. I have learned what it means to love well & open your home up to others. It changed my life & I'm thankful we have been able to do the same for many others.
Thankful for this family!