This last week we gathered the cousins on my side of the family & had cousin camp! It was so much fun to spend time all together with our Noni to celebrate her birthday. Only thing she wanted was a photo shoot of all of her grand girls. So we did just that! Brooklyn is one of the sweetest little girls. We adore her in this home & loved having her spend so much time with us!

diy bug spray

12.10.14one of our little ladies consistently get eaten up by mosquitos. we even believe little pearl might be allergic. every single time she gets bit, it swells up. i was extremely tired of her little body itching all over the place + we've had so much rain in texas, i knew we needed to be prepared for the summer!

we tried many different all natural bug sprays and couldn't find one that worked for baby girl. so i've created this bullet proof bug spray. it's worked SO well for us. i'm extremely impressed. we've been outside all week using it and not a single bite. i'm telling you people, this NEVER happens. baby girl can't be outside without getting at least one bite. but NOT anymore. praise the living Jesus. i know y'all are dying to know whats inside. let me tell ya. 

one glass spray bottle 1/3 cup distilled water 1 part witch hazel YL purification YL thieves YL lavender YL lemongrass YL cedarwood YL peppermint

i started with TWO parts distilled water. for this bottle it came out to be 1/3 of a cup. no matter what size of bottle you are using, try to fill it up a little over half way with the water. i've made smaller bottles that i'm keeping in the stroller, car, and diaper bag. YES. you caught me, i'm pretty much obsessed with this stuff.

next up add ONE part witch hazel. i basically filled it up to the top leaving enough room to add all the oils and the shake the bottle up.

now for the oils. i added 15 drops of purification. for the other oils i only added 10 drops. for the smaller bottle --- i did 10 drops of purification and 5 drops of all the others. image4-3

that's all. make sure you shake this baby up each time you use it! hopefully this helps with your bug issues this summer. let me know if you end up making it. i would like to know how it worked for you!!


my soul waits

"i wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word i hope." psalm 130:5

for all of you in a season of waiting. its worth every single minute. Jesus is birthing something inside you that will flourish one day. may you be filled with HOPE today.

these two daughters were worth the wait. the husband and i waited for days, weeks, & months upon months for these little humans to enter our life. the hardest part was what the Lord took me through from the moment He started showing us we were called to adoption sooner than we thought. we had always talked about adoption like it was a fleeting thought that would one day happen. my plan was to have some children and adopt a baby from overseas. well thats not the plan Jesus had for us.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

so the convo of having a family started. every single time we kept hearing the Lord say "wait, i'm not releasing you to move forward."

month after month. we never felt like it was time but you better believe my heart was ready for a little babe. i knew Jesus was preparing me for motherhood and i started to question why we both didn't have peace about starting a family. around this time many of my friends started to announce they were pregnant & i'd start to notice EVERY SINGLE BABY around me. not fun. i remember crying out to God like i was telling Him things He didn't know.

then came the dream. | read the dream here |

after having the dream that we were adopting a little babe is when the waiting got real deep. real fast. i struggled for a solid two weeks - just weeping, crying out to God, & worshipping. it was the most intense few weeks of my life. Jesus birthed something deep inside me. i know a piece of it was adopting the twins but i also know theres more to His story.

"a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling." pslam 68:5

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jesus is the same yesterday, and today, and forever. i'm thankful for the waiting. as challenging as it may seem only good things can come from it. it might not look like you have visioned. "my plan" was nothing like i had thought but i wouldn't have it any other way. embrace the waiting. may your faith increase & may you live fully where Jesus has you today.

for those of you in the throws of fostering - LOVE like your little babe won't be there tomorrow. by God's grace i never struggled with giving these little ladies ALL of my love. i loved at the capacity that i knew how. He will give you all the grace you need in the process.

i love seeing Jesus show off.

let my ceiling be your floor. it doesn't have to be a scary process. we would do it all over again.

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resqueeze giveaway

resqueeze & copper + pearli'm so honored to partner with resqueeze for our first giveaway at copper + pearl. we bought these reusable squeeze pouches a few months ago. i have to say that we are slightly obsessed. i've put so many great smoothies, applesauces, and blended veggies in these babies for the twins. i make a big batch of smoothies every day for the girls & i . tonight, i'm going to include our favorite recipe and don't forget to enter our giveaway going on now! please leave a blog comment letting me know what your favorite recipes are! i gotta branch out and try some new stuff. so help a mama out!

resqueeze green smoothie recipe | one cup - milk | | one large handful - frozen spinach | | one - avocado | | 6-8 - frozen strawberries | | 2-3 - frozen bananas | | one teaspoon - honey | | one tablespoon - almond butter |

freezing the spinach, strawberries, & bananas makes the smoothie extremely smooth. i rarely have to add ice. it's so yummy.

resqueeze smoothiesmoothiethis batch of green smoothie makes enough for 4 resqueeze pouches and one smoothie for this mama. after filling the girls resqueezes, i add some youngliving balance complete. it helps keep me full and energized for the twins.



pearlresqueeze is officially approved by copper + pearl. enter our giveaway for your chance to win a 4-pack!

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rainy dayz

the first day of spring is a cold rainy day in texas. i don't mind the rain but i'm patiently waiting the warm weather and days full of the park, popsicles, and picnics with the ladies. we had to escape the house today. so - outside into the cold we went. twins attract so many people its crazy. there were many random people that would drive by and yell things out of the car window. it always shocks me what people say! yes, these are our twins & yes, we do have a full life! hope you all had a great first day of spring!

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