san angelo


My husband and I are coming up on 5 years of marriage - at the end of the year. We've been spending so much time reflecting on the last couple of years. We talk about what has grown us most, challenged us, & about the dreams we have yet to see happen. Even the dreams that have changed because we are not the people we were when we first got married. I love that we can challenge one another & dream big together. I am so thankful for time away - it's so familiar to be able to pick up and go, do whatever you want whenever you want but also made us miss the ladies! I mean not having to cook, feed anyone, clean up messes, pick up toys, & the endless list of to-dos was pretty darn nice. It was amazing to take a breath & retreat from the day to day living! We feel encouraged & ready to start this next season with so much peace & faith in trusting Jesus with our hearts every step of the way. It really does just get better and better!

Enjoy the photos from the family farm house + our little trip to Austin.

Farm-Austin Trip-12.jpg