diy bug spray

diy bug spray

12.10.14one of our little ladies consistently get eaten up by mosquitos. we even believe little pearl might be allergic. every single time she gets bit, it swells up. i was extremely tired of her little body itching all over the place + we've had so much rain in texas, i knew we needed to be prepared for the summer!

we tried many different all natural bug sprays and couldn't find one that worked for baby girl. so i've created this bullet proof bug spray. it's worked SO well for us. i'm extremely impressed. we've been outside all week using it and not a single bite. i'm telling you people, this NEVER happens. baby girl can't be outside without getting at least one bite. but NOT anymore. praise the living Jesus. i know y'all are dying to know whats inside. let me tell ya. 

one glass spray bottle 1/3 cup distilled water 1 part witch hazel YL purification YL thieves YL lavender YL lemongrass YL cedarwood YL peppermint

i started with TWO parts distilled water. for this bottle it came out to be 1/3 of a cup. no matter what size of bottle you are using, try to fill it up a little over half way with the water. i've made smaller bottles that i'm keeping in the stroller, car, and diaper bag. YES. you caught me, i'm pretty much obsessed with this stuff.

next up add ONE part witch hazel. i basically filled it up to the top leaving enough room to add all the oils and the shake the bottle up.

now for the oils. i added 15 drops of purification. for the other oils i only added 10 drops. for the smaller bottle --- i did 10 drops of purification and 5 drops of all the others. image4-3

that's all. make sure you shake this baby up each time you use it! hopefully this helps with your bug issues this summer. let me know if you end up making it. i would like to know how it worked for you!!