the phone call

"this is a blog post from june of 2014 when i was updating our friends & family about the adoption"

one phone call changed my life forever.

on march 3rd, hunter and i got "the call" about our placement for the foster to adopt journey we are on. that day my life changed forever as i walked into the great unknown of motherhood. in the many months preparing for our little family, i did not know what to expect on the day we would meet our babes. i can remember walking into the room just weeping at the thought of letting them have my whole heart. in that moment i felt such a grace to be able to fully love. looking into those sweet eyes, i knew i had no chance of holding back. even if our current family changes - these little babes made me a mom and they will forever hold that place in my heart!

the adventure of foster to adopt - the process can be scary. there are so many unknowns but at the end of the day it's worth it. these little life's are worth everything. each day we wake up in the morning thanking Jesus we are able to love unconditionally. in the beginning of this process i would hear things like guard your hearts and be careful because you don't know how long you will have them. what we came to, is that Jesus doesn't withhold love from us, so why should we? you are right- it is MUCH safer to love at arms length but we have been entrusted with a LIFE that needs so much LOVE. not knowing what environment the little babes could go back to, gave us all the more reason to love fearlessly. they are in need of more love than any of us can comprehend. we are delightfully overwhelmed that we have been chosen to be their parents for however long. i am falling more in love each day and i know i will never regret that!

C and P

now, we need prayer. our hearts desire that Jesus' will would be done over the babes life. only He knows their destiny and the family they are supposed to be with. do i believe that is with us? yes, but there is so much more to the story than just our desires to be fulfilled. i want Aycock to be their last name as soon as possible. but, i am learning this is a process for a reason. there are so many people you come in contact with along the way. all the different meetings, court hearings, and appointments are for a purpose. there is a bigger picture to the story - it is about trusting Jesus along the way.

thank you for joining us in this adventure!! i hope to be able to share as much as possible along the way. we do have to spare you all of the juicy details until adoption is official. until then please keep us in your prayers.

"this is a blog post from june of 2014 when i was updating our friends & family about the adoption"