me & you baby

happy may you guys. it's time to fiesta fiesta fiesta!!

copper + pearl twinsso over the last month our family has decided to completely renovate our closed in garage into an apartment. we have some friends that are moving back to the states from across the nation. they've been living in africa for over a year working closely with a ministry they partnered with. i am SO excited to welcome them into our family & spend the next few months with them. they are some of the most selfless, giving people you will ever meet! i cannot wait to give you all a room tour as soon as it's finished!!

until then the fourth of july will be here before you know it & everyone needs this shirt from m.e.&you. we are a little obsessed with their products if you haven't gathered. you'll fall in love with their shirts for the entire family - it takes twinning to a whole new level!

Pearl in This Land Is My Land.

little pearl's ootd // hair bow // kimono // this land is my land // pants // sandals


little copper's ootd // hair bow // fiesta shirt // shorts // socks // converse


these three are my people.

days are full. seasons are short. i think we've officially entered into toddler days with these ladies. they keep us running and on our toes but there's no one else i'd rather spend my days with.