to be honest

honest company tonight i'm sharing our bedtime routine with some of our favorite products with the honest company. we have been slightly obsessed with their diapers from day 14 when we brought the twins home. around our house we have a daily schedule that we stick to most days. our bedtime routine rarely changes & with the daylight savings time the girls are going to sleep even earlier! win-win for this duo.

6:00 | dinner 6:30 | bath 6:45 | young living oils, pjs, & lots of books 7:15 | zipadeezip & milk 7:30 | bed

our bath time is the favorite time of the day. who doesn't love a good bubble bath?! the girls even fight over their honest products.

honest fight

honest fightthis fight was honestly brutal and ending with lots of teeth marks. but can't blame them for wanting the soothing bottom wash.

diapers after bath we are straight into our strawberry diapers. this is one of my favorite prints and looks so cute on the little bums. these diapers are the best disposable diapers we have used. i've rarely had issues with leakage & they are so darn cute. i also love that you can sign up for a bundle to have the diapers delivered straight to your door each month!

honest what are your night time routines?! these ladies love a good schedule. i think it's so important for a child to know whats coming next & that only happens with consistency. some nights we get off & that's okay. i've learned with babies you do what you gotta do.

The Honest Company

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