the story of copper + pearl

this is a lifestyle blog about a day in the life of our twin girls - copper + pearl. no, these are not the girls real names. we officially adopted the twins in November of 2014. out of respect we knew we needed to keep the girls real names private since we adopted them from a small town in texas.

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copper + pearl started a few years ago as my hubby and i were on the journey of creating our first business. we made handmade wooden signs with song lyrics, scripture, and sayings. we even had our friend create a logo! but, the glory days of making money by our hardworking hands only lasted about 6 months. it was fun while it lasted but we realized all of our time was spent making these signs for not much pay. all that time wasn't really worth it to us. so off we went to different income opportunities. but, copper + pearl stayed in our hearts.

so here we are introducing our sweet twin girls | copper + pearl |

c and p

i have a lot of vision for this blog but writing can be difficult with little ladies in the house. the last few weeks blogging has come up in almost every conversation i've had. & not the mention my friend jen hatmaker {blogger friends are real friends, right?} wrote a blog about becoming a writer. so here i go jen. entering the world of blogging. it's so exciting! plus you'll be seeing these cuties all over this blog. so join us in this adventure, we will learn and grow together!!

Copper + Pearl